R22 Replacement-The Facts

R22 Replacement-The Facts

It's estimated that over half a million businesses in the UK are still using air conditioning systems that will be affected by the complete ban on HCFC R22 refrigerant at the end of 2014. As from 1st January 2015, this refrigerant will be banned throughout Europe and can no longer be legally used for any form of service and maintenance activity.

Businesses with R22 related air conditioning equipment will therefore have to seriously consider their options- so now is the time to put some form of plan into place.

Put simply, there are three courses of action open to businesses operating air conditioning equipment which still uses R22.

Option One: Do nothing and risk the possibility of site shutdown and associated fines (according to EC Ozone Regulation No:1005/2009).

Option Two: Call us and we will undertake a complete survey of your existing air conditiong equipment and recommend the most cost effective solution- before it needs emergency repairs or maintenance.

Option Three: Plan a considered and costed replacement strategy.


We can undertake a full site survey and produce a comprehensive report on the most cost effective solution.

We can replace old kit with the latest state of the art, energy efficient, equipment. This will substantially reduce on-going running costs and carbon emissions as well as the risk of downtime to your business, whilst providing a more comfortable environment for your workforce.     

We are also a replacement chiller specialist and have over 40 years experience- so if you have large cooling kit that needs replacing- we are experts in the field.

From initial survey activity through to installation and full service & maintenance support, we manage the whole project, ensuring a successful, speedy completion.



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